Gift of Gratitude this Valentine’s Day with LAGOS

January 30, 2021

Hi Friends!  Today’s post is all about being grateful for the people in our lives that have really touched us and celebrating those meaningful connections this Valentine’s Day.  One practice that I’ve done for for years is to go about my day and consciously name things that I am grateful for.  It might be as simple as noticing a beautiful flower, receiving a smile from a stranger, or to significant moments that will become memories like sharing a beautiful experience with my children. Being in a state of gratitude can make all the difference in how your day goes.  This Valentine’s Day I want to encourage everyone to celebrate meaningful connections wether it be a best friend, mother, sister, daughter, or partner.

As for gifts I truly believe that the gift of jewelry is always extremely personal and special.  It is something that is worn throughout the day and is a constant symbol of receiving love from another person. LAGOS has some really special pieces that makes showing the expression of love tangible.  From heart pendants to their other signature Caviar beading styles their is something for everyone.  I especially love the idea of gifting yourself a beautiful heart pendants as a reminder to love yourself unconditionally too! These pieces will travel with your love one for a lifetime and that is beautiful.

Special thanks to LAGOS for partnering on this post.

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xx Erica


Small Heart Pendant
Large Heart Pendant
Caviar Spark Diamond Pendant
Caviar Spark Diamond Circle Pendant


Diamond Spark
Signature Beaded
Signature Beaded X 
Gemstone Caviar
Gemstone Cuff


Caviar Spark Stacking 
Caviar Spark Diamond
Caviar Spark Diamond Circle Ring
Caviar Spark Diamond 


Caviar Spark Circle Drop  


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