Daily Details June 5, 2018

June 5, 2018


One of my most asked questions is what to I use to tan and get glowing skin.  Here are my favorite products that I’ve been using long term and can’t do without!  I am serious when it comes to moisturizing – I reach for the most hydrating products that are results driven…

Face Moisturizer: 3 Lab also available Here.  I’ve been using this for yearsssss.  It is super hydrating and makes my face glowing, even outs complexion and helps with fine lines.

Eye Cream: 3 Lab also available Here .  Super hydrating and minimizes fine lines.

Tanning Products: Tan-Luxe tanning set and Anti-Aging Face.  Recently started using these products and I’m in LOVE.  Add the self-tanning drops to your usual moisturizer.  Genius!  I use medium/dark, but also available in light/medium.

Body Moisturizer: Honest Company.  This is a thick balm.  I use it daily all over my body.  It is mostly oil, so be sure to let it soak in for a while before getting dressed.  THIS product will hydrate and heal like no other!  Can’t live without.  I also use it on my lips every day.

Glowing Primer: Charlotte Tilbury.  I apply this primer over my moisturizer and under my foundation.  It gives a subtle, natural light reflecting glow.  Sometimes I use it instead of foundation for just a skin boost!

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